Who we are

We are experts in homeowner associations - or HOAs. We are licensed managers of HOA organizations, certified (CMCA) experts in HOA operations (CAMICB) and experienced in analyzing how an HOA should, and should NOT operate.

If you are considering the purchase of property situated within an HOA, and making informed decisions is your style, we can help you understand how the HOA could impact your purchase, your lifestyle — and your pocketbook.

Why do you need an HOAreport?

You need an HOAreport because we help you understand the current HOA structure and how well it is performing. You will love your neighborhood more if you have this understanding BEFORE you close on the property. HOA issues can be really difficult to get your head around - and you may be legally obligating yourself to live in a community that could be costly and maddening. Know what’s going on with the HOA by ordering an HOAreport today – you will be a smarter, happier homeowner tomorrow.

We do the research and analysis

HOAs are complicated -- especially condominium and townhome communities because maintenance responsibilities can be fuzzy between the HOA and the unit owner. How many pets can you have? What about parking - can I park in my own driveway over night? Do I get a vote on the annual budget? How come the HOA Board made a Special Assessment to replace the clubhouse roof? Why didn't they have reserves set aside for that? Lots of questions - HOAreports finds the answers.