What you get with an HOAreport

HOAreports provides an expert operational analysis of the HOA documents provided to us. Each of these documents reveals different aspects of the Association allowing us to use our training and experience to determine how well the Association functions - including if there are severe problems. The analysis is in the form of a written report that we email to you prior to the Association Documents Objection Deadline (Your Professional Agent should explain this deadline to you).
Included with your report is a 30-minute tele-conference with one of our analysts to discuss the report and answer your questions.

Client survey

Help us customize your HOAreport. While we look for important financial and governance details in the HOA documents uploaded to us, we know you have specific issues and questions that are unique to you. Maybe your issue is about pets, or parking concerns because you have five cars and the house has a two-car garage; maybe you have an architectural issue regarding disability access – or you need an electric car charging station. With our client survey, we can fine-tune your report to get you the HOA information of greatest interest to you.

Our process

  • You download our CIC document request form (PDF) and send to the HOA management company to obtain these documents
  • Create an account
  • GET STARTED - complete the order form and upload documents
  • We will email your order confirmation with the Client Survey
  • Complete and return the survey
  • We will confirm via email the date you need the report delivered and schedule the interview